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  1. 29 Mar 2022

    How I massively improved my website performance by using the right tool for the job

    I rebuilt my website AGAIN with the aim of using as little JavaScript as possible to improve performance. Did I succeed? And what did I learn?

    Web Dev 10 min read →
  2. 21 Mar 2022

    How to format dates for RSS feeds (RFC-822)

    Here's a selection of links, guidance and code snippets to help you format dates for RSS feeds (RFC-822).

    Tutorials 2 min read →
  3. 7 Mar 2022

    How to delete all merged git branches with one terminal command

    Automate your git cleanup! Here's a shell function to add to your bashrc/zshrc file to delete all merged git branches in one command.

    Git 1 min read →
  4. 4 Mar 2022

    Why you should ship your silly side projects

    Let's take a look at what we learned building a very silly site for the Netlify Dusty Domains project in December 2021.

    Web Dev 5 min read →
  5. 1 Mar 2022

    A prototype is all you need to launch a site

    Catch up on a Twitch live stream where I prototyped Women of Jamstack with 11ty and YOLO deployed it to Netlify on a custom domain.

    Web Dev 1 min read →
  6. 22 Feb 2022

    Build a CMS preview workflow for your Jamstack site

    Learn how to preview your draft content stored in Contentful by building a custom app that builds a preview branch of your static site.

    Tutorials 10 min read →
  7. 15 Feb 2022

    How to deploy your Netlify site with an Elgato Stream Deck

    Use a little serverless function to kick off a site build with a button.

    Tutorials 4 min read →
  8. 13 Feb 2022

    How I improved your Google Lighthouse SEO score with a lot of research and one quick PR

    Why has Google Lighthouse been penalising us for canonical links on different domains? I set out to solve this conundrum once and for all.

    Web Dev 3 min read →
  9. 11 Feb 2022

    How to build an HTML-only accordion — no JavaScript required!

    You don't need JavaScript to build accordions! Use HTML only and just four lines of code.

    Tutorials 2 min read →
  10. 6 Feb 2022

    Debug your CSS layouts with this one simple trick

    Are you battling with layouts in CSS? Use this one line of CSS to help you debug what's up and get you back on the road to success.

    CSS 2 min read →
  11. 18 Jan 2022

    How to use really long environment variables in Netlify functions

    Here’s how you can use a Netlify build plugin to use longer environment variables in your functions.

    Tutorials 4 min read →
  12. 13 Dec 2021

    An introduction to GraphQL and how to use GraphQL APIs

    Here's everything I learned this year about GraphQL for anyone getting started.

    GraphQL 10 min read →
  13. 29 Nov 2021

    How to load responsive images in AVIF and WebP using the HTML picture element

    A complete guide on how to serve responsive images in WebP and the new AVIF format where supported, using the HTML picture element.

    Tutorials 13 min read →
  14. 21 Oct 2021

    TIL: How to use GraphQL variables to give my queries type safety

    How can you make sure your GraphQL queries are safe from nasties? Let’s find out.

    Tutorials 4 min read →
  15. 10 Oct 2021

    Next.js Dynamic Routes with Contentful's GraphQL API — with Jason Lengstorf

    In this episode of Learn with Jason, I teach Jason how to use Contentful’s GraphQL API to power Next.js dynamic routes.

    GraphQL 90 min read →