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Salma in her office, backlit with pink, smiling and looking into the camera.

Salma Alam-Naylor

I write code for your entertainment.

I'm a live streamer, software engineer, and developer educator. I help developers build cool stuff with blog posts, tutorial videos, live coding and open source projects. I work at Sentry.

Speaker bio

Salma writes code for your entertainment. She specialises in streaming live coding, and loves helping people get into tech. After a career as a music teacher and comedian, Salma transitioned to technology in 2014, working as a front end developer and tech lead for startups, agencies and global e-commerce. She currently works at Sentry.

Active in the developer community, Salma is a Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies, winner of the Jamstack Conf Community Creator Award 2021, and a partnered Twitch streamer where she builds weird websites, roasts your code, and chats about the tech industry every week for your entertainment.

Long bio

Hello! I'm Salma. If you've seen me on the internet before, you might also know me as whitep4nth3r, and I write code for your entertainment.

I remember writing my first lines of code on a Commodore 64 when I was six years old, but I spent my childhood playing and composing music. I graduated from the Royal Northern College of Music (UK), with a First Class Honours degree in music composition in 2008.

After a few years working as a composer, musician, and rock band teacher, I qualified as a school music teacher in 2012. After a brief detour to musical comedy, my career transitioned from music to tech in 2014 when I found my first front end development job. (If you'd like a more detailed history of my journey so far, tune into the GitHub README podcast, recorded in October 2021.)

I've worked as a front end developer and tech lead for startups, agencies and global e-commerce, and I transitioned to developer experience engineering in 2021.

I stream live coding on Twitch twice a week, with a focus on being inclusive and accessible to all levels of experience. I maintain a variety of open source projects that I build live on stream, which are mainly fun and silly websites. I also maintain a thriving and diverse Discord community, where people can ask for tech help, career advice, or hang out and co-work during the day.

As well as a partnered Twitch streamer, I am a Microsoft MVP for developer technologies, and was the winner of the Jamstack Conf 2021 Community Creator Award.

I regularly speak on podcasts, at technology conferences, events, meet-ups and pair-programme on live streams. Get in touch if you'd like to work with me!