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  1. 21 Feb 2024

    The future of Jamstack is anti-capitalist

    Down with capitalism. - Mike Neumegen

    Web Dev 4 min read →
  2. 20 Feb 2024

    Ramblings about JavaScript scope, weird errors and frameworks

    I did learn the thing. But I forgot to remember the thing.

    JavaScript 3 min read →
  3. 25 Jan 2024

    How to deal with API rate limits

    API rate-limiting is a minefield. Why are there no standards?

    Web Dev 7 min read →
  4. 20 Dec 2023

    Twitter ruined your link previews: here’s how Cloudinary can help

    Learn how to overlay text on your Open Graph images using the Cloudinary API and SDKs.

    Web Dev 11 min read →
  5. 18 Dec 2023

    How to fix error: invalid character in entity name in RSS feeds

    My RSS feed was broken for OVER A WEEK because I used an invalid character in the XML.

    Web Dev 1 min read →
  6. 14 Dec 2023

    Fallbacks for HTTP 404 images in HTML and JavaScript

    What if an image doesn’t exist anymore? What if someone accidentally deleted an image in your CMS? How do you detect and deal with this?

    Web Dev 5 min read →
  7. 5 Dec 2023

    Everything I install and set up on a new MacBook as a web developer

    Here are the developer tools, browsers, utility apps and other useful things I install on a new dev machine to help productivity.

    Off-Topic 4 min read →
  8. 10 Nov 2023

    A story about HTTP status codes and why you should read documentation

    Recently, I wrote some bad code. But this highlighted the importance of correct HTTP status codes, and how I should really read documentation.

    Web Dev 6 min read →
  9. 11 Oct 2023

    Using hooks to monitor and error track with Sentry when self-hosting Directus

    Learn how to set up Sentry monitoring and error tracking for your self-hosted Directus project by building custom hooks.

    Tutorials 7 min read →
  10. 28 Sep 2023

    How to use jQuery with Astro

    Understanding how to use jQuery in an Astro project was hard to Google. So I wrote my own guide for you and my future self.

    Web Dev 2 min read →
  11. 21 Sep 2023

    From LCP to CLS: Improve your Core Web Vitals with Image Loading Best Practices

    Learn all about image lazy loading and how it can help improve performance, UX and core web vitals.

    Web Dev 9 min read →
  12. 16 Jul 2023

    5 reasons you should hire me as your next developer experience engineer

    I’m excited to be looking for my next role as a Developer Experience Engineer. Here are five reasons why you should hire me.

    Off-Topic 3 min read →
  13. 25 Jun 2023

    How I deploy my website using my Apple Watch

    TL:DR; a serverless function and build hook on Netlify, and an Apple Shortcut.

    Serverless 6 min read →
  14. 19 Jun 2023

    The best light/dark mode theme toggle in JavaScript

    Learn how to build The Ultimate Theme Toggle™️ for your website using JavaScript, CSS custom properties, local storage and system settings.

    CSS 4 min read →
  15. 18 May 2023

    A/B test CMS authored content with Netlify Edge Functions

    Learn how to run an A/B test using content from your CMS and Netlify Edge Functions.

    Web Dev 5 min read →