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Salma Alam-Naylor

I write code for your entertainment.

I'm a live streamer, software engineer, and developer educator. I help developers build cool stuff with blog posts, tutorial videos, live coding and open source projects. I work at Sentry.

Latest news and activity

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24 Nov 2023

What is DevRel? Syntax Episode 697

I sat down with the Wes and Scott to talk about what DevRel is, how to get into it, important skills like writing and public speaking, challenges like blog post quotas, and more.


16 Nov 2023

I built a productivity tracker that was NOT a to do list

I took part in Jason Lengstorf's new series: 4 devs, 1 app idea and it was SO MUCH FUN.


14 Nov 2023

The API sent the WRONG HTTP status code?!

Read the documentation, people.


10 Nov 2023

Entertainment as Code @ ffconf 2023

This talk is about live streaming and learning in public, and about how writing silly code and building silly websites in front of a live audience is a powerful (and hilarious) way to build a community.


10 Nov 2023

A story about HTTP status codes and why you should read documentation

Recently, I wrote some bad code. And Sentry showed me why, highlighting the importance of correct HTTP status codes, and how I should really read documentation.


30 Oct 2023

Sentry + FastAPI Q&A Livestream

As a follow-up to Sentry's first-ever FastAPI meetup, I sat down with Sebastian Ramirez, founder of FastAPI, to ask all of the questions we didn’t get a chance to during the meetup, and held a live Q&A with the audience.


11 Oct 2023

Using hooks to monitor and error track with Sentry when self-hosting Directus

Learn how to set up Sentry monitoring and error tracking for your self-hosted Directus project by building custom hooks.


28 Sep 2023

How to use jQuery with Astro

Understanding how to use jQuery in an Astro project was hard to Google. So I wrote my own guide for you and my future self.


21 Sep 2023

From LCP to CLS: Improve your Core Web Vitals with Image Loading Best Practices

Learn all about image lazy loading and how it can help improve performance, user experience and Core Web Vitals, which all help boost your search engine rankings.