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Hi friends! I'm Salma

I help developers build stuff, learn things, and love what they do


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I'm proud to be the winner of the Jamstack Conf 2021 Community Creator Award! View all nominees and winners here.

I help developers build stuff, learn things and love what they do. With a background in music, teaching and comedy, and after a career as a front end developer and lead engineer, I currently work in Developer Relations at Contentful.

I am a Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies, Twitch partner, live coding streamer, speaker, tech content creator, and relentless advocate for building a truly accessible web. Founder of unbreak.tech and womenwhostream.tech, my projects revolve around activism for social change and equality in the technology industry, and my expertise is the Jamstack and related front end web technologies.

Tech is the future, and everyone is welcome.

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Microsoft Reactor Community Spotlight

I join The Reactor Community Spotlight — a snack-sized show, designed to meet, greet and explore communities and their leaders from Europe and the Middle East.

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I build stuff, learn things, and write about it.

  1. 8 min read

    What is a REST API?

    If you’ve had a look at the Contentful docs, you’ll have seen the acronyms REST and API in at least a few places! But what does it all mean? Let’s break it down.

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