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Salma Alam-Naylor

I write code for your entertainment.

I'm a live streamer, software engineer, and developer educator. I help developers build cool stuff with blog posts, videos, live coding and open source projects. I work at Sentry.

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17 Jul 2024

Entertainment as Code @ Middlesbrough Front End

The world tour continues.


9 Jul 2024

A (controversial) take on custom fonts

Three reasons to use system fonts on your personal website.


9 Jul 2024

"Businesses don't like fun" and other lies with Jason Lengstorf

I talk about being a person vs. being a persona, aligning creativity and self-expression with business goals, and other stuff.


8 Jul 2024

Stop server-side rendering your personal websites

(You probably don't need it)


7 Jul 2024

3 reasons web developers need a personal website

Developers, go make your websites.


2 Jul 2024

Your bad LCP score might be a backend issue

This is the best way to debug slow web pages.


27 Jun 2024

The number 1 best way to debug slow web pages

You need this.


14 Jun 2024

Entertainment as Code @ React Norway

Continuing the 2024 world tour of this talk, I'm taking it to Larvik in Norway.