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I help developers build stuff, learn things, and love what they do

I'm Salma. I help developers build stuff, learn things and love what they do.

I currently work as a Developer Evangelist for Contentful. You can find me building stuff and learning things live on Twitch three times a week. You will often hear me shouting about inclusivity and accessibility.

Tech is the future, and everyone is welcome.

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I build stuff, learn things, and write about it.

  1. 3 min read

    When to use aria-labels in your HTML

    • accessibility
    • webdev
    • html

    Confused about when to use aria-label for #a11y? Let's look at one of the most important ways to use aria-labels in your HTML to ensure your website provides contextual information to screen-readers and assistive technologies.

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  2. 5 min read

    How to build, test and release a node module in ES6

    • webdev
    • javascript
    • node
    • npm

    Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had incredible fun building the random code generator live on Twitch. At the time of writing this post, I’ve also merged over 70 pull requests into the repository for the application on GitHub. This got me thinking — what if people could use the same silly random code on their own applications to create even more lols on the web?

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Here's 10 random lines of Kotlin code
fun concatenatePort(propertyUnsafe: int) {
    targetPort("Goodbye, world!", TableProperty(), 393)
    for (array in person()) {
      target(CodeRow(), 349, 138)
    val number: int = 495
    val stringThing8: MethodRow = MethodRow()
    println("some error")
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