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1 Mar 2022

1 min read

A prototype is all you need to launch a site

Catch up on a Twitch live stream where I prototyped Women of Jamstack with 11ty and YOLO deployed it to Netlify on a custom domain.

Women of Jamstack is officially launching on International Women's Day 2022, and celebrates the women that are working with the Jamstack and adjacent technologies. The code on GitHub is open source, and naturally, I've been building the project live on Twitch.

When I shipped Women of Jamstack to the custom domain it had no CSS. No design. And no fancy JavaScript interactivity. It didn't need it. Yes, the design came later. Yes, the other fancy stuff came later. But for launch — an idea is all you need.

I'm a huge fan of building simple prototypes, testing out concepts, and shipping them as early as possible to get community feedback and validate ideas. And I urge you to do the same. Next time you're reluctant to release because something isn't quite finished yet, or not everything is pixel-perfect — just push the button. It's exciting, it's empowering — and it's meaningful.

I'm not sure if I invented the phrase or not — but I love a good YOLO deploy.

Catch up on the prototype build and release on YouTube now!

Click the video above to play

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