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  1. 25 Oct 2022

    Personalize your static site based on a previous site referral

    Learn how to use Netlify Edge Functions to personalize static HTML pages based on the HTTP referer header.

    Tutorials 10 min read →
  2. 3 Oct 2022

    I changed my mind about writing new JavaScript frameworks

    Maybe you should write a new JavaScript framework. And here’s why.

    JavaScript 4 min read →
  3. 5 Sep 2022

    Rewrite your git history in 4 friendly commands

    Did you make a series of unfortunate commits? Learn how to clean up your nonsense.

    Git 4 min read →
  4. 31 Aug 2022

    What's the difference between : and :: in CSS?

    I spent years Googling this question before the information stayed in my brain. Sound familiar? Then this post is for you.

    CSS 3 min read →
  5. 24 Aug 2022

    Rewrite HTML and transform page props in Next.js with Next.js Advanced Middleware

    Learn how to use Next.js Advanced Middleware from Netlify.

    Tutorials 7 min read →
  6. 11 Aug 2022

    Add personalization to static HTML with Netlify Edge Functions — no browser JavaScript required

    Check out the video tutorial and accompanying walk-through.

    Tutorials 8 min read →
  7. 24 Jul 2022

    How to view Google Lighthouse scores for your site in Netlify

    Install the integration. Check your scores. Profit.

    Tutorials 2 min read →
  8. 22 Jun 2022

    Should I write a new JavaScript framework?

    Do you often ask yourself, should I write a new JavaScript framework? Here's some things you should consider, and some tips to get you started.

    JavaScript 1 min read →
  9. 12 Jun 2022

    How to deploy an Astro site

    Deploy an Astro project as a static, server-rendered, or edge-rendered site, try out some Netlify templates, and learn how to deploy to Netlify.

    Tutorials 9 min read →
  10. 8 Jun 2022

    Build a business card CLI tool

    Learn how to use Node.js, npm and npx to build a CLI tool to output a business card to the terminal. Bonus demo repository included!

    Tutorials 5 min read →
  11. 29 May 2022

    Level up your link previews in Slack

    Add extra metadata to the head tag in your web pages to show richer previews in Slack when your link is unfurled.

    Tutorials 3 min read →
  12. 11 May 2022

    Light and dark mode in just 14 lines of CSS

    Combine two CSS custom properties with a media query to get set up with light and dark mode in seconds.

    CSS 3 min read →
  13. 10 May 2022

    What is Jamstack?

    Let's explore Jamstack, “Jamstack-adjacent” technologies, and how you can get started building on the Jamstack.

    Web Dev 7 min read →
  14. 26 Apr 2022

    We're all living on it. But what exactly is The Edge?

    But what is The Edge? What are Edge Functions? And why does it matter?

    Serverless 7 min read →
  15. 4 Apr 2022

    HTML is all you need to make a website

    HTML-only websites are a controversial and divisive topic. But why?

    Web Dev 3 min read →