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  1. 20 Sep 2021

    Why I love Polywork as a developer advocate — and it's not for the reason you think

    Polywork launched in April 2021 as a “place for people to express who they are”. Is it just a new hipster version of LinkedIn? I take a look at how it compares and share my number one reason why I like Polywork.

    Career 6 min read →
  2. 3 Feb 2021

    My non-traditional journey into tech and DevRel

    We managed to catch Salma amidst her busy onboarding schedule to learn about what led her to developer relations and how she accidentally increased engagement in the Contentful Community by 200% on her first day at Contentful.

    Career 7 min read →
  3. 23 Nov 2020

    5 tips for leading teams with an empathy-first approach

    As my time as an engineering team lead comes to an end and I move into DevRel in 2021 - I wrote about how I prioritise empathy in tech teams over everything - something that will continue to stay with me firmly as my career continues to evolve.

    Career 5 min read →