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  1. 24 Apr 2024

    Why don’t we talk about minifying CSS anymore?

    Remember Grunt files?

    CSS 8 min read →
  2. 19 Jun 2023

    The best light/dark mode theme toggle in JavaScript

    Learn how to build The Ultimate Theme Toggle™️ for your website using JavaScript, CSS custom properties, local storage and system settings.

    CSS 4 min read →
  3. 3 May 2023

    The universal CSS * selector isn't actually universal

    For my ENTIRE career I have been living with an enormous misconception: the universal CSS selector doesn't actually select EVERYTHING.

    CSS 1 min read →
  4. 23 Apr 2023

    Hide text in CSS pseudo elements from screen readers with this one weird trick

    Learn how to hide decorative text generated by CSS from screen readers, so that your weird designs don't interrupt the flow of the text.

    CSS 2 min read →
  5. 22 Nov 2022

    A responsive striped CSS gradient inspired by 80s VHS tapes

    Create a responsive, horizontal-striped CSS gradient inspired by 80s VHS tapes using CSS custom properties and a linear gradient.

    CSS 3 min read →
  6. 31 Aug 2022

    What's the difference between : and :: in CSS?

    I spent years Googling this question before the information stayed in my brain. Sound familiar? Then this post is for you.

    CSS 3 min read →
  7. 11 May 2022

    Light and dark mode in just 14 lines of CSS

    Combine two CSS custom properties with a media query to get set up with light and dark mode in seconds.

    CSS 3 min read →
  8. 6 Feb 2022

    Debug your CSS layouts with this one simple trick

    Are you battling with layouts in CSS? Use this one line of CSS to help you debug what's up and get you back on the road to success.

    CSS 2 min read →
  9. 16 May 2021

    How to make your font sizes accessible with CSS

    Here's how to make sure your website respects font size preferences specified in browser settings using two important CSS concepts.

    Tutorials 3 min read →
  10. 10 May 2021

    What is BEM in CSS?

    Did you change CSS somewhere and something unexpected happened somewhere else? I have the solution for you.

    CSS 4 min read →
  11. 26 Feb 2021

    How to make your code blocks accessible on your website

    How do you ensure your code blocks adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards?

    Tutorials 5 min read →