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  1. 8 Jun 2022

    Build a business card CLI tool

    Learn how to use Node.js, npm and npx to build a CLI tool to output a business card to the terminal. Bonus demo repository included!

    Tutorials 5 min read →
  2. 18 Jan 2022

    How to use really long environment variables in Netlify functions

    Here’s how you can use a Netlify build plugin to use longer environment variables in your functions.

    Tutorials 4 min read →
  3. 1 Jul 2021

    How to add Algolia InstantSearch to your Next.js application

    Every content website needs a search box.

    Tutorials 9 min read →
  4. 10 Apr 2021

    How to build, test and release a node module in ES6

    If you Google "build test release npm module" this is the top result. Cool, huh?

    Tutorials 5 min read →
  5. 17 Mar 2021

    3 ways to use Puppeteer and Node.js to screenshot web pages and generate Open Graph images for socials

    Take screenshots of browser pages and generate dynamic images to share on your social media accounts.

    Tutorials 6 min read →