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I want to make stuff with you

I write code for your entertainment.

(You’ll learn something, too!)

I have 10 years tech industry experience spanning web development, tech leadership, product and developer relations. A former music teacher, I specialise in live coding, making complex topics accessible, entertaining and engaging through story-telling and building silly (and serious!) websites. I also teach on my blog by creating in-depth technical tutorials, and sharing practical web development tips.

I am a partnered streamer on Twitch, streaming regularly to an engaged community who learn together via a thriving Discord server. I am also a Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies, and was the winner of the 2021 Jamstack Conf Community Creator Award.

What people say

It’s always awesome working with Salma! She’s a creative teacher, willing to learn in public, and just incredibly authentic in everything she does. The whitep4nth3r community is SO fun to be a part of!

Brad wearing a dark baseball cap, looking at the camera from the side and smiling without showing his teeth.

Brad Van Vugt


Salma is GREAT! Her streams are fun, instructive and entertaining. Her audience is very engaged and I highly recommend pairing with her to build something with your tech!

Matteo Collina holding a trophy on stage, smiling widely, wearing a black t shirt.

Matteo Collina


Salma’s energy is contagious and it shows through her passion teaching developers through engaging content. Highly recommend Salma to anyone looking to get an actionable and engaging story in front of developers.

Brian Douglas wearing a black hoodie, transparent glasses and looking wistful against a purple background.

Brian Douglas


Salma is a builder. You can't help but get excited about dev when she's the one teaching. She's one of the first people I direct companies to when they're looking to make a better connection to web devs.

Jason Lengstorf in a checked shirt, baseball cap, smiling.

Jason Lengstorf

Learn with Jason

Work with me!

This is not an exhaustive list of the services I can provide, but is intended to give you an idea of the scope of what’s possible. Activities are centred around live streaming, video content, complemented by written content and demo code.

Live streams on Twitch

Streams are usually a single event, but a series is possible if more appropriate.

The Cold Start

Launching a new product, or have a new feature you want to road-test? I’ll build something live on stream, bringing the audience on the developer journey. I always go in cold so you get raw, uncensored feedback on the developer experience — from me and 100s of other devs!

The Guest Star

Join me live on stream and pair programme with me to showcase your new product or feature. We’ll build something together and ship it live, whilst engaging with an energetic and curious audience of early adopters. You’ll also get a promotional meme.

Technical tutorials

Written content is a great addition to an ephemeral live stream, produced afterward as either a retrospective or short tutorial. The content is published on and usually cross-posted to

Demo apps and websites

Code that I build live on stream or as part of a written tutorial will (usually) be published as a public, MIT-licensed repository on GitHub. Bear in mind that these demos will not always be “finished”, but provide an example for developers who are exploring the technologies that I showcase. Demo repositories will be linked to from written tutorials.

Video content

I produce a variety of video content including technical tutorials, opinion-based pieces and developer-focussed discussions.

Contact me

Get in touch via Twitter, Discord or email.