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  1. 6 Sep 2023

    Thoughts on AI Coding Tools - (Chat GPT, Co-Pilot, Whisper) - Live Q&A

    My friend Erin wanted some opinions on generative AI coding tools. So I went live on Twitch to have a chat.

  2. 23 Aug 2023

    Fireside chat with VoxGig

    I sat down with Richard Rodger to discuss live streaming on Twitch, building community, and learning in public.

  3. 16 Jul 2023

    5 reasons you should hire me as your next developer experience engineer

    Netlify announced a company-wide restructure in July 2023 and my role was impacted. As a result, I’m excited to be looking for my next role as a Developer Experience Engineer. Here are five reasons why you should hire me.

  4. 13 Jul 2023

    Can ChatGPT build a WEBSITE?

    I tried using ChatGPT to create websites and here's what happened.

  5. 25 Jun 2023

    How I deploy my website using my Apple Watch

    I love a good party trick, and one of mine is being able to deploy my website using my voice and my Apple Watch. Here’s how I do it using a serverless function and build hook on Netlify, and an Apple Shortcut.

  6. 19 Jun 2023

    The best light/dark mode theme toggle in JavaScript

    Learn how to build The Ultimate Theme Toggle™️ for your website using JavaScript, CSS custom properties, local storage and system settings. No framework required!

  7. 15 Jun 2023

    TechMids: Fake it, don't make it. How serverless can level up your front end game and unlock your full stack potential

    As a front end developer you're juggling countless skills. Responsive design, building for accessibility, browser support, page performance — it's a lot. And if you want to go Full Stack™️, it can be a challenge to find the time and brain space to learn how to scale and secure a back end on top of building the app itself. So how can you unlock your full stack potential without the pain? You fake it, don't make it! (The back end, that is.) In this talk, you'll learn how serverless and edge runtimes are empowering front end developers to be more productive than ever, and how we as front end devs, can leverage this modern tooling to do things we only ever dreamed of.

  8. 31 May 2023

    How I got my first dev job (in 2014)

    I've told this story a million times, and now I've immortalised it on YouTube.

  9. 18 May 2023

    A/B test CMS authored content with Netlify Edge Functions

    Learn how to run an A/B test using content from your CMS and Netlify Edge Functions.

  10. 14 May 2023

    How to split traffic and A/B test different page layouts on the same URL

    Learn how to split traffic for A/B testing between different page layouts while retaining the same user-facing URL, using Netlify Edge Functions.

  11. 3 May 2023

    The universal CSS * selector isn't actually universal

    I learned this week that for my ENTIRE professional career I have been living with an enormous misconception: the universal CSS selector doesn't actually select EVERYTHING.

  12. 23 Apr 2023

    Hide text in CSS pseudo elements from screen readers with this one weird trick

    Learn how to hide decorative text generated by CSS pseudo elements from screen readers, so that your weird and wonderful designs don't interrupt the flow of the text.