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  1. 18 May 2023

    A/B test CMS authored content with Netlify Edge Functions

    Learn how to run an A/B test using content from your CMS and Netlify Edge Functions.

  2. 14 May 2023

    How to split traffic and A/B test different page layouts on the same URL

    Learn how to split traffic for A/B testing between different page layouts while retaining the same user-facing URL, using Netlify Edge Functions.

  3. 3 May 2023

    The universal CSS * selector isn't actually universal

    I learned this week that for my ENTIRE professional career I have been living with an enormous misconception: the universal CSS selector doesn't actually select EVERYTHING.

  4. 23 Apr 2023

    Hide text in CSS pseudo elements from screen readers with this one weird trick

    Learn how to hide decorative text generated by CSS pseudo elements from screen readers, so that your weird and wonderful designs don't interrupt the flow of the text.

  5. 16 Apr 2023

    The Acronyms of Rendering on the Web

    Learn about different types of rendering on the web, and how it impacts user experience, site performance, and SEO.

  6. 13 Apr 2023

    Tech marketing done right @ Dev Propulsion Labs

    I join a panel of experts to talk about technical marketing to developers.

  7. 12 Apr 2023

    Improve E-commerce Site Performance with Rendering Strategies

    Learn how to optimize user experience, site performance and SEO by taking a strategic approach to how you render different pages of your e-commerce store.

  8. 17 Mar 2023

    Make time

    A few weeks ago I had read about the book Make Time: How to focus on what matters every day by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky and it piqued my interest. I added it to my cart that day, checked out, and decided to use a week of PTO to see what tips and tricks I could experiment with to try and fix my life. Here’s how it went.

  9. 21 Feb 2023

    The Best JavaScript Framework @ Uptime FM

    You’re ready to build your next project for the web, but how do you go about choosing the right JavaScript framework? And what if you can’t find the perfect framework? Should you build your own? Sean C Davis interviews me on a recent series of three posts that work together to help identify the best JavaScript framework for you.

  10. 2 Feb 2023

    Twitter space: Why you should learn cloud native and serverless skills as a developer

    I join industry leaders in the cloud native and serverless space to talk about why learning serverless is crucial to being a developer in 2023.

  11. 30 Jan 2023

    Remotely Interesting: Talking Astro 2.0 with Ben Holmes

    Tools in the site-generation and framework space are evolving fast. And Astro is an example of one such tool which is doing wonderful things. Shortly before the release of its v2.0, we spoke with Ben Holmes from the Astro team to learn more about what’s coming. You'll also learn something completely ridiculous and embarrassing about my childhood. 💀

  12. 26 Jan 2023

    We actually need more JavaScript frameworks @

    It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the growing number of JavaScript frameworks available today. Believe me, I was. And so I built a tool to help developers choose which JavaScript framework to choose. But it was rubbish.

    Join me as I share my weird and winding journey through the JavaScript framework landscape. Starting with an overcooked meme, to building a terrible website, and finishing with a call to action, we’ll delve into the lessons I learned along the way, including the importance of asking the right questions about your project before choosing a tech stack and framework.