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  1. How to make your code blocks accessible on your website

    • accessibility
    • css

    If you’re a developer or technical writer who publishes content on the internet, you’ll want to make sure your code examples are presented beautifully for your audience to consume. But how do you ensure your code blocks adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards?

  2. 5 tips for leading teams with an empathy-first approach

    • leadership
    • engineering
    • people
    • career
    • technology

    As my time as an engineering team lead comes to an end and I move into DevRel in 2021 - I wrote about how I prioritise empathy in tech teams over everything - something that will continue to stay with me firmly as my career continues to evolve.

  3. 6 things I learned about streaming live coding in my first 6 weeks on Twitch

    • streaming
    • twitch
    • live coding

    I discovered live coding serendipitously on Twitch for the first time in mid June 2020. I was instantly hooked on the huge sense of community, the opportunities to learn, and the way in which the platform increases access to and engagement in science and technology content across the world.

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