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  1. 16 Jul 2023

    5 reasons you should hire me as your next developer experience engineer

    I’m excited to be looking for my next role as a Developer Experience Engineer. Here are five reasons why you should hire me.

    Off-Topic 3 min read →
  2. 25 Jun 2023

    How I deploy my website using my Apple Watch

    TL:DR; a serverless function and build hook on Netlify, and an Apple Shortcut.

    Serverless 6 min read →
  3. 19 Jun 2023

    The best light/dark mode theme toggle in JavaScript

    Learn how to build The Ultimate Theme Toggle™️ for your website using JavaScript, CSS custom properties, local storage and system settings.

    CSS 4 min read →
  4. 18 May 2023

    A/B test CMS authored content with Netlify Edge Functions

    Learn how to run an A/B test using content from your CMS and Netlify Edge Functions.

    Web Dev 5 min read →
  5. 14 May 2023

    How to split traffic and A/B test different page layouts on the same URL

    Learn how to split traffic for A/B testing between different page layouts without changing the URL using Netlify Edge Functions.

    Tutorials 5 min read →
  6. 3 May 2023

    The universal CSS * selector isn't actually universal

    For my ENTIRE career I have been living with an enormous misconception: the universal CSS selector doesn't actually select EVERYTHING.

    CSS 1 min read →
  7. 23 Apr 2023

    Hide text in CSS pseudo elements from screen readers with this one weird trick

    Learn how to hide decorative text generated by CSS from screen readers, so that your weird designs don't interrupt the flow of the text.

    CSS 2 min read →
  8. 16 Apr 2023

    The Acronyms of Rendering on the Web

    Learn about different types of rendering on the web, and how it impacts user experience, site performance, and SEO.

    Web Dev 9 min read →
  9. 12 Apr 2023

    Improve E-commerce Site Performance with Rendering Strategies

    Learn how to optimize UX, site performance and SEO by taking a strategic approach to how you render different pages of your e-commerce store.

    Web Dev 12 min read →
  10. 17 Mar 2023

    Make time

    I used use a week of PTO to see what tips and tricks I could experiment with to try and fix my life. Here’s how it went.

    Off-Topic 6 min read →
  11. 6 Jan 2023

    How do I get started in web development?

    Asking “How do I get started with web dev?” is like asking “How do I get started with cooking?”

    Web Dev 1 min read →
  12. 3 Jan 2023

    2022: what I made, what I learned, and what I didn't do

    Let's take a look back at 2022: what I made, what I learned — both professionally and personally — and what I didn't get around to.

    Off-Topic 9 min read →
  13. 12 Dec 2022

    How to get the user’s timezone in JavaScript with Edge Functions

    You don‘t need client-side JavaScript to localize dates and times according to timezone — use timezone data in Netlify Edge Functions.

    Tutorials 4 min read →
  14. 22 Nov 2022

    A responsive striped CSS gradient inspired by 80s VHS tapes

    Create a responsive, horizontal-striped CSS gradient inspired by 80s VHS tapes using CSS custom properties and a linear gradient.

    CSS 3 min read →
  15. 15 Nov 2022

    Single-page applications, multi-page applications, the history of Twitter tech, and a failed project

    After I changed my mind about writing new JavaScript frameworks, I paused development on a new project, What the Framework (WTF). Here's why.

    Web Dev 8 min read →