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Should I write a new JavaScript framework?

🌶️ I changed my mind

What a silly funny post ha ha 💀. I'm an idiot. So I wrote a talk about how we actually need more JavaScript frameworks. Check it out.

Each week, around 300 blazing-fast, game-changing, full-stack JavaScript frameworks are released into the developer ecosystem. They promise the discerning developer radical new approaches, life-affirming developer experiences, zero-config, maximum-config, all-bells, no-whistles, and the dopamine high of falling in love — over and over and over again.

Do you want to be a hero?

Open source maintainers of the billions of JavaScript frameworks now available for public consumption are worshipped as heroes of a new era, as they lead us boldly into a new landscape of JavaScript — and beyond.

And you're probably asking yourself — "Should I write a new JavaScript framework?"

What's the answer?

The answer to this question is far beyond the scope of this post. Instead, I built a website. This website takes you on an inspiring journey through the essential concepts to consider when building your new JavaScript framework, and gives you the confidence to finally mkdir bestframework.js && cd bestframework.js && git init.

Start your journey here.

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