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  1. An illustration of a representation of an image placeholder on a green background, with the text <picture> overlaid.
    13 min read

    How to load responsive images in AVIF and WebP using the HTML picture element

  2. An illustration on a bright yellow background, showing the GraphQL logo, $slug, and a padlock to denote security.
    4 min read

    TIL: How to use GraphQL variables to give my queries type safety

  3. A collage of GraphQL conf, Nextjs Conf and Fast Forward Conf social sharing event tickets in a range of desktop and mobile views.
    11 min read

    How to build a personalized image social sharing app with Cloudinary and Next.js

  4. A YouTube thumbnail featuring images of myself and Ebonie, the title "NEXTJS + SPOTIFY", lots of panther images and Twitch logos in the background.
    1 min read

    A Next.js complete beginner tutorial using the Spotify API

  5. An illustration showing a web page, a magnifying glass, and the Next.js logo
    9 min read

    How to add Algolia InstantSearch to your Next.js application

  6. Illustration of a GraphQL logo with menu options to the right of it.
    4 min read

    How to filter entries by linked references in GraphQL

  7. A screenshot of the GitHub UI showing a link to set up a workflow yourself after clicking on the Actions tab in the UI.
    4 min read

    How to use GitHub actions and Contentful webhooks to show your latest blog posts on your GitHub README

  8. A CSS example showing font-size 100% set on the HTML tag.
    3 min read

    How to make your font sizes accessible with CSS

  9. A screenshot of my website, showing how aria labels enrich the context of the HTML in the accessibility tree in Chromium dev tools.
    3 min read

    When to use aria-labels in your HTML

  10. An illustration of multiple browser windows with the Next.js logo
    13 min read

    Paginating your Contentful blog posts in Next.js with the GraphQL API

  11. Illustrated image showing how rich text is rendered with JS
    9 min read

    Rendering linked assets and entries in the Contentful Rich Text field

  12. A screenshot of the RSS feed in an RSS reader
    5 min read

    How to generate an RSS feed for your blog with JavaScript and Netlify functions

  13. A screenshot of the styled microblog page
    9 min read

    How to build a lightweight microblogging site with Contentful, vanilla HTML, CSS and JavaScript