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  1. 4 min read

    How to filter entries by linked references in GraphQL

    Do you want to filter your blog posts by linked topics such as “javascript” or “tutorial” via GraphQL? Check out this quick guide that shows you how to get the data you need using the linkedFrom field in your query — it’s pretty nice!

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  2. 4 min read

    How to use GitHub actions and Contentful webhooks to show your latest blog posts on your GitHub profile README

    Want to show your latest blog posts on your GitHub README? Here's how I do it using the power of GitHub actions and webhooks in Contentful.

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  3. 4 min read

    Rich Text field tips and tricks from the Contentful DevRel team

    The Contentful Rich Text field is powerful. But how can you make the most of it? Level up your Rich-Text game with a growing list of top tips from the Contentful DevRel team.

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  4. 3 min read

    How to make your font sizes accessible with CSS

    Everyone uses the web differently. Here's how to make sure your website respects font size preferences specified in browser settings using two important CSS concepts.

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  5. 4 min read

    What is BEM in CSS?

    Have you ever worked on an application with one huge CSS file and found that when you changed something in one place, something unexpected happened somewhere else? I had this problem a lot in my early days of front end development. It was frustrating! So what can you do to stop this from happening?

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  6. 3 min read

    The future of ecommerce is with Jamstack: Next.js, Contentful and Shopify

    We’re trying something new in the Contentful DevRel team. Myself and Shy Ruparel are joining forces for four weeks of live streams to explore, experiment and build with Next.js, Contentful and Shopify — with the goal of proving why Jamstack is the future of ecommerce. You’re all invited!

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