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Blogs and tutorials

  1. 14 Jun 2021

    How to filter entries by linked references in GraphQL

    Check out this quick guide that shows you how to get the data you need using the linkedFrom field in your query.

    Tutorials 4 min read →
  2. 27 May 2021

    How to use GitHub actions and Contentful webhooks to show your latest blog posts on your GitHub README

    Want to show your latest blog posts on your GitHub README? Here's how I do it using the power of GitHub actions and webhooks in Contentful.

    Tutorials 4 min read →
  3. 16 May 2021

    How to make your font sizes accessible with CSS

    Here's how to make sure your website respects font size preferences specified in browser settings using two important CSS concepts.

    Tutorials 3 min read →
  4. 10 May 2021

    What is BEM in CSS?

    Did you change CSS somewhere and something unexpected happened somewhere else? I have the solution for you.

    CSS 4 min read →
  5. 3 May 2021

    When to use aria-labels in your HTML

    This is one of the most important ways to use aria-labels so your code provides contextual information to screen-readers and assistive tech.

    Tutorials 3 min read →
  6. 22 Apr 2021

    Paginating your Contentful blog posts in Next.js with the GraphQL API

    In this post, we’re going to build a set of article list pages that display a number of blog post summaries per page.

    Tutorials 13 min read →
  7. 13 Apr 2021

    Rendering linked assets and entries in the Contentful Rich Text field

    Take a deep dive into rendering linked assets and entries in the Contentful Rich Text field using both the REST and GraphQL APIs.

    Tutorials 9 min read →
  8. 13 Apr 2021

    Exploring linked entries and assets in Contentful with JavaScript via REST and GraphQL

    An investigation into the inner workings of the Contentful REST API and GraphQL API.

    GraphQL 7 min read →
  9. 10 Apr 2021

    How to build, test and release a node module in ES6

    If you Google "build test release npm module" this is the top result. Cool, huh?

    Tutorials 5 min read →
  10. 17 Mar 2021

    3 ways to use Puppeteer and Node.js to screenshot web pages and generate Open Graph images for socials

    Take screenshots of browser pages and generate dynamic images to share on your social media accounts.

    Tutorials 6 min read →
  11. 13 Mar 2021

    My Twitch live coding setup in OBS

    I often receive questions about how I set up OBS to stream live coding on Twitch — so let’s take a look!

    Streaming 7 min read →
  12. 8 Mar 2021

    How to generate an RSS feed for your blog with JavaScript and Netlify functions

    On demand RSS feeds — a neat use for serverless functions.

    Tutorials 5 min read →
  13. 26 Feb 2021

    How to make your code blocks accessible on your website

    How do you ensure your code blocks adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards?

    Tutorials 5 min read →
  14. 5 Feb 2021

    How to build a lightweight microblogging site with Contentful, vanilla HTML, CSS and JavaScript

    Learn how to build a lightweight microblog with Contentful and vanilla HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

    Tutorials 9 min read →
  15. 3 Feb 2021

    My non-traditional journey into tech and DevRel

    Learn about what led Salma to DevRel and how she accidentally increased engagement in the Contentful Community by 200% on her first day.

    Career 7 min read →