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  1. 24 Sep 2021

    This box will change your life @ CodeLand Conf

  2. 24 Sep 2021

    Panel Speaker @ CodeLand Conf 2021

    I joined Scott Hanselman and Will Johnson to discuss my talk at CodeLand and take CSS questions from the audience.

  3. 23 Sep 2021

    This box will change your life

    Is the struggle of battling with margins, paddings and layout in front end development all too familiar? Understanding the CSS box model will change your life.

  4. 23 Sep 2021

    Stop worrying and start shipping with structured content

  5. 22 Sep 2021

    Front End Foxes

  6. 20 Sep 2021

    Why I love Polywork as a developer advocate — and it's not for the reason you think

    Polywork launched in April 2021 as a “place for people to express who they are”. Is it just a new hipster version of LinkedIn? I take a look at how it compares and share my number one reason why I like Polywork.

  7. 16 Sep 2021

    Ecommerce and Next.js on the Jamstack — with Colby Fayock

    I sat down with Colby Fayock to chat about Next.js and how all of its features help enable developers to build great experiences on the web.

  8. 7 Sep 2021

    How to build a personalized image social sharing app with Cloudinary and Next.js

    In this post, we’re going to build an app that generates a personalized image of a ticket to share on socials using Cloudinary and Next.js so you can encourage your event attendees to share their tickets for your next virtual event!

  9. 1 Sep 2021

    Why I love building with Next.js — a fireside chat with Cassidy Williams of Netlify

    I joined Cassidy Williams of Netlify for a fireside chat to talk about the performance benefits of Next.js, and how developers can make the most of the JavaScript framework.

  10. 1 Sep 2021

    Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies

  11. 25 Aug 2021

    Building with Next.js | Cassidy Williams and Salma Alam-Naylor | Architecting with Next.js 2021

  12. 11 Aug 2021

    What is an API?

    If you’ve read the Contentful docs, you’ll have seen that we provide a REST API and a GraphQL API to access and manage your content. But what is an API?