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  1. 28 Apr 2022

    Jamstack: Enabling Beginners to Do More @ CoderPad

  2. 26 Apr 2022

    We're all living on it. But what exactly is The Edge?

    But what is The Edge? What are Edge Functions? And why does it matter?

  3. 22 Apr 2022

    What is The Edge?

  4. 21 Apr 2022

    Panel speaker @ April 11ty Meetup

    I shared my experience on migrating my personal website from Next.js to Eleventy and what I learned along the way.

  5. 21 Apr 2022

    Learning with Luce @ MongoDB

  6. 21 Apr 2022

    Eleventy Meetup: migrating from Next.js to Eleventy

  7. 4 Apr 2022

    HTML is all you need to make a website

    HTML-only websites are a controversial and divisive topic. But why?

  8. 30 Mar 2022

    Microsoft Imagine Cup 2022 Americas Regional Finals Panel Judge

    I was honoured to be welcomed to the judge's panel for the Imagine Cup 2022 Americas Regional Finals competition. All teams were so talented, and the competition was tough!

  9. 29 Mar 2022

    How I massively improved my website performance by using the right tool for the job

    I rebuilt my website AGAIN with the aim of using as little JavaScript as possible to improve performance. Did I succeed? And what did I learn?

  10. 21 Mar 2022

    How to format dates for RSS feeds (RFC-822)

    Here's a selection of links, guidance and code snippets to help you format dates for RSS feeds (RFC-822).

  11. 7 Mar 2022

    How to delete all merged git branches with one terminal command

    Automate your git cleanup! Here's a shell function to add to your bashrc/zshrc file to delete all merged git branches in one command.

  12. 4 Mar 2022

    Why you should ship your silly side projects

    Let's take a look at what we learned building a very silly site for the Netlify Dusty Domains project in December 2021.