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  1. 9 Dec 2021

    I streamed for Twitch Dev Day 2021

  2. 7 Dec 2021

    Developer Avocados: my story

  3. 3 Dec 2021

    JavaScript will kill you in the Apocalypse

    I joined the JSParty Changelog podcast to share my take that JavaScript is best in moderation, and is a liability when creating performant, resilient, and accessible web applications. I believe we’re drunk on JavaScript, and it’s time we learn how to leverage this powerful web primitive to enhance our web experiences, alongside HTML and CSS, instead of purely relying on JavaScript to completely run the show.

  4. 30 Nov 2021

    Twitch API Fun with TrostCodes

  5. 30 Nov 2021

    Microsoft Reactor Community Spotlight

  6. 30 Nov 2021

    GitHub ReadME Project

  7. 29 Nov 2021

    How to load responsive images in AVIF and WebP using the HTML picture element

    A complete guide on how to serve responsive images in WebP and the new AVIF format where supported, using the HTML picture element.

  8. 23 Nov 2021

    PR merged into Google Lighthouse

  9. 18 Nov 2021

    London Hack Week innovation panel

  10. 16 Nov 2021

    Rendering Linked Assets and Entries in Contentful Rich Text

  11. 4 Nov 2021

    Fast Forward 2021 — MC and Keynote speaker

  12. 4 Nov 2021

    Contentful's Fast Forward 2021 Day 2 Keynote

    Join Salma and Stefan Judis on a journey through time where they explore how content management and software development has evolved.