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7 Jun 2021 Podcast

Empowering developers as DevRel, boosting live coding and accessibility

27 May 2021 Blog post

How to use GitHub actions and Contentful webhooks to show your latest blog posts on your GitHub README

Want to show your latest blog posts on your GitHub README? Here's how I do it using the power of GitHub actions and webhooks in Contentful.

A screenshot of the GitHub UI showing a link to set up a workflow yourself after clicking on the Actions tab in the UI.
26 May 2021 Blog post

Rich Text field tips and tricks from the Contentful DevRel team

The Contentful Rich Text field is powerful. But how can you make the most of it? Level up your Rich-Text game with a growing list of top tips from the Contentful DevRel team.

An illustration of web browser windows, the GraphQL logo, the Grammarly logo and a video embed representation.
16 May 2021 Blog post

How to make your font sizes accessible with CSS

Everyone uses the web differently. Here's how to make sure your website respects font size preferences specified in browser settings using two important CSS concepts.

A CSS example showing font-size 100% set on the HTML tag.
15 May 2021 YouTube

How to use aria labels in your HTML

10 May 2021 Blog post

What is BEM in CSS?

Have you ever worked on an application with one huge CSS file and found that when you changed something in one place, something unexpected happened somewhere else? I had this problem a lot in my early days of front end development. It was frustrating! So what can you do to stop this from happening?

A YouTube thumbnail, showing a screenshot of a live stream with me on the right, and the text WHAT IS BEM in a large font.
3 May 2021 Blog post

When to use aria-labels in your HTML

Confused about when to use aria-label for #a11y? Let's look at one of the most important ways to use aria-labels in your HTML to ensure your website provides contextual information to screen-readers and assistive technologies.

A screenshot of my website, showing how aria labels enrich the context of the HTML in the accessibility tree in Chromium dev tools.
1 May 2021 YouTube

What is BEM in CSS?

22 Apr 2021 Blog post

Paginating your Contentful blog posts in Next.js with the GraphQL API

In this post, we’re going to build a set of article list pages that display a number of blog post summaries per page — fetched from the Contentful GraphQL API at build time with Next.js.

An illustration of multiple browser windows with the Next.js logo
15 Apr 2021 YouTube

How to use Incremental Static Regeneration in Next.js