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4 Nov 2021 Published a talk

Contentful's Fast Forward 2021 Day 2 Keynote

Join Salma Alam-Naylor and Stefan Judis on a journey through time where they explore how content management and software development has evolved.

The cover slide for the opening keynote for day 2 of Fast Forward 2021. It has a blue patterned background, with the title
21 Oct 2021 Blog post

TIL: How to use GraphQL variables to give my queries type safety

One of the things I love about GraphQL is how straightforward it is to get up and running with little to no experience. But how can you make sure your GraphQL queries are safe from nasties? Let’s find out.

An illustration on a bright yellow background, showing the GraphQL logo, $slug, and a padlock to denote security.
19 Oct 2021 Did a thing

Next.js and Contentful with Eddie Jaoude

10 Oct 2021 Blog post

Next.js Dynamic Routes with Contentful's GraphQL API — with Jason Lengstorf

Next.js has a popular approach for generating dynamic routes. In this episode of Learn with Jason, I teach Jason how to use Contentful’s GraphQL API to power them!

A thumbnail for the Learn with Jason show, featuring head shots of whitep4nth3r and Jason, with the title
7 Oct 2021 Event

How to prevent the collapse of society by building an accessible web @ AsyncJS

7 Oct 2021 Event

Getting started with Next.js and Contentful

7 Oct 2021 Did a thing

How to make your website apocalypse-ready

I hung out with the folks at AsyncJS to give my talk “How to prevent the collapse of society by building an accessible web”, followed by a thoughtful Q+A session.

6 Oct 2021 Award

Jamstack Conf 2021 Community Creator Award!

An illustration of the Jamstack Community Creator award, showing my name, a trophy and a 90s style patterned background.
5 Oct 2021 Did a thing

PR merged into Next.js

4 Oct 2021 Blog post

What is a REST API?

If you’ve had a look at the Contentful docs, you’ll have seen the acronyms REST and API in at least a few places! But what does it all mean? Let’s break it down.

An illustration of three web browser windows with lots of interlocking blocks in yellow, blue and green.