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21 Apr 2022 Event

Panel speaker @ April 11ty Meetup

21 Apr 2022 Event

Learning with Luce @ MongoDB

21 Apr 2022 Did a thing

Eleventy Meetup: migrating from Next.js to Eleventy

4 Apr 2022 Blog post

HTML is all you need to make a website

In a world full of JavaScript frameworks, SPAs, cutting-edge CSS animations, powerful devices and fast internet connections, HTML-only websites are a controversial and divisive topic. But why?

A screenshot of in plain HTML. The text reads In a move considered revolutionary by many, this site has been delivered straight to your device with pure, unadulterated HTML. Our exclusive method is called NoJSON and is able to deliver just HTML over the wire. They said it couldn't be done! - Internet People
30 Mar 2022 Did a thing

Microsoft Imagine Cup 2022 Americas Regional Finals Panel Judge

I was honoured to be welcomed to the judge's panel for the Imagine Cup 2022 Americas Regional Finals competition. All teams were so talented, and the competition was tough!

29 Mar 2022 Blog post

How I massively improved my website performance by using the right tool for the job

In the third iteration of my blog site, I went back to web basics. I wanted to bag a huge performance increase by shipping plain HTML, CSS and as little JavaScript to the browser as possible. Did I succeed? And what did I learn along the way? Let's find out.

A lighthouse report showing a score of 100 for performance, accessibility, best practises and SEO.
21 Mar 2022 Blog post

How to format dates for RSS feeds (RFC-822)

The RSS feed lives on! But I've always found it difficult to Google for the correct date format required for RSS feeds (RFC-822). Here's a selection of links, guidance and code snippets for future me — and you!

A screenshot from the W3C Feed Validation Service that shows the dates on the thing of the day RSS feed are incorrect. The highlighted message states that pubDate myst be an RFC-822 date-time.
7 Mar 2022 Blog post

How to delete all merged git branches with one terminal command

Automate your git cleanup! Here's a shell function to add to your bashrc/zshrc file to delete all merged git branches in one command.

A terminal window showing the command dam running. It shows output that results in the branch refactor-youtube-call being deleted.
4 Mar 2022 Blog post

Why you should ship your silly side projects

Silly websites and silly ideas are often some of the most creative vehicles for learning. Let's take a look at what we learned building a very silly site for the Netlify Dusty Domains project in December 2021.

A screenshot of, showing a terrible under construction GIF, a sparkly background, a twitch player embed, and a simulated scrolling marquee.
1 Mar 2022 Blog post

Watch the Women of Jamstack prototype get built and deployed in under 7 minutes

Catch up on a Twitch live stream where I prototyped Women of Jamstack with 11ty and YOLO deployed it to Netlify on a custom domain.

A youtube thumbnail featuring the headline Let's YOLO deploy, my with my arms in the air outlined in a pink and orange gradient, the prototype website in the background, and the eleventy and netlify logos.