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26 May 2022 Event

Women of Jamstack @ PurrfectDev

24 May 2022 Event

MC @ Netlify Headless Commerce Summit

23 May 2022 Event

MC @ Netlify Headless Commerce Summit

18 May 2022 Did a thing

Dev Discussions: Intro to the Jamstack with Salma Alam-Naylor of Netlify

17 May 2022 Event

Some Antics: Picking the Right Tool for the Job on the Jamstack with Ben Myers

16 May 2022 Podcast

Remotely Interesting: Minimum Viable Web Dev Knowledge

What is the minimum amount of knowledge needed to be in web development? Is getting started with your first site as hard as everyone makes it off to be? And after that first step, what are fun next steps that you can take from there?

I hung out with the Remotely Interesting crew to chat and investigate.

13 May 2022 Event

Friday with Friends with Chris Gargotta @ Twilio

11 May 2022 Blog post

Light and dark mode in just 14 lines of CSS

Want to add quick support for light mode and dark mode to your website using only CSS? Combine two CSS custom properties with a media query to get set up in seconds.

10 May 2022 Blog post

What is Jamstack?

In this post, we’ll explore what Jamstack is, why Jamstack entered the web dev scene, “Jamstack-adjacent” technologies, and how you can get started building on the Jamstack.

2 May 2022 Podcast

Remotely Interesting: Living On The Edge of Glory

Most of us have heard things like CDN and caching when it comes to optimising what we deliver to our end users when building sites and apps, but recently there’s been a trending terminology that’s crept up: “The Edge.”

I unpack this with the crew on on Remotely Interesting podcast.