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  1. 31 Oct 2022

    Can you personalize a static website?

    Encourage people to share your posts on Twitter... if they found them on Twitter, using Netlify Edge Functions, the HTTP referer header and HTMLRewriter.

  2. 25 Oct 2022

    Personalize your static site based on a previous site referral

    Learn how to use Netlify Edge Functions to personalize static HTML pages based on the HTTP referer header.

  3. 13 Oct 2022

    Web Almanac 2022 — Jamstack Chapter

    I co-authored the 2022 Jamstack chapter of the Web Almanac with Laurie Voss.

  4. 4 Oct 2022

    Interview: Self-taught developer to Netlify

    I sat down with Tom to talk about my journey from music teacher, to call centre, to working at Netlify.

  5. 3 Oct 2022

    I changed my mind about writing new JavaScript frameworks

    Maybe you should write a new JavaScript framework. And here’s why.

  6. 30 Sep 2022

    Live streaming and learning in public

    I sat down with the PodRocket team to talk about live streaming and learning in public, and how it all lead to switching up my career and ending up in Developer Experience.

  7. 29 Sep 2022

    The Fusion Group Meetup

    Fusion is a technology focused meet-up that takes place quarterly in Birmingham. Expect friendly folks, great talks and delicious food!

  8. 8 Sep 2022

    Building WTF?! What the Framework

    Introducing What the Framework? — a new tool to help you choose your next JavaScript framework based on the features you need for your new project.

  9. 5 Sep 2022

    Rewrite your git history in 4 friendly commands

    Did you make a series of unfortunate commits? Learn how to clean up your nonsense.

  10. 31 Aug 2022

    What's the difference between : and :: in CSS?

    I spent years Googling this question before the information stayed in my brain. Sound familiar? Then this post is for you.

  11. 25 Aug 2022

    Rewrite HTML and transform page props in Next.js with Next.js Advanced Middleware

    In this tutorial we're going to use Next.js Advanced Middleware on Netlify to intercept a request to a statically pregenerated page in a new Next.js application, and rewrite the HTML response to change some text and page props based on geolocation data.

  12. 24 Aug 2022

    Rewrite HTML and transform page props in Next.js with Next.js Advanced Middleware

    Learn how to use Next.js Advanced Middleware from Netlify.