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  1. 8 Sep 2022

    Building WTF?! What the Framework

    Introducing What the Framework? — a new tool to help you choose your next JavaScript framework based on the features you need for your new project.

  2. 5 Sep 2022

    Rewrite your git history in 4 friendly commands

    Did you make a series of unfortunate commits? Learn how to rewrite the git history of a repository in 4 friendly terminal commands to clean up your nonsense.

  3. 31 Aug 2022

    What's the difference between : and :: in CSS?

    I spent years Googling “what is the difference between : and :: in CSS” before the information stayed in my brain. Sound familiar? Then this post is for you.

  4. 25 Aug 2022

    Rewrite HTML and transform page props in Next.js with Next.js Advanced Middleware

    In this tutorial we're going to use Next.js Advanced Middleware on Netlify to intercept a request to a statically pregenerated page in a new Next.js application, and rewrite the HTML response to change some text and page props based on geolocation data.

  5. 24 Aug 2022

    Rewrite HTML and transform page props in Next.js with Next.js Advanced Middleware

    Learn how to intercept and rewrite the response of a Next.js statically generated page and transform page props at the edge with Next.js Advanced Middleware from Netlify.

  6. 22 Aug 2022

    Remotely Interesting: Thinking in Serverless

    There’s been a lot of buzz about “serverless” and what it is, but what does it mean to “think in serverless?” After all, it’s one thing to know what serverless means, but it’s another to be able to integrate it into strategic thinking. And in this episode, we have a special guest, Ivan Zarea, to help us with that serverless mindset.

  7. 12 Aug 2022

    Getting started with Netlify Edge Functions

    Check out this tutorial that sets up a new static project, uses an Edge Function to modify static HTML at request time based on geolocation data, and deploys the project to Netlify.

  8. 11 Aug 2022

    Add personalization to static HTML with Netlify Edge Functions — no browser JavaScript required

    Personalization and shipping less JavaScript to the browser are hot topics in 2022, and with Netlify Edge Functions, you can achieve dynamic personalization with no client-side JavaScript — resulting in a great developer experience, and an even better end-user outcome. Check out the video tutorial and accompanying walk-through.

  9. 11 Aug 2022

    Moar Serverless

    Join an amazing list of experts to gain insights into how to develop real-world applications that leverage serverless and microservice architectures.

  10. 11 Aug 2022

    Live AMA with Eduardo Bouças — all about Netlify Edge Functions

  11. 10 Aug 2022

    We're all living on it. But what exactly is The Edge?

    It’s 2022 and we’re all on the edge of our serverless seats. But what is The Edge? What are Edge Functions? And what impact does this new technology have on the Jamstack, the web, and ultimately — people and our planet?

  12. 24 Jul 2022

    How to view Google Lighthouse scores for your site in Netlify

    How many times have you forgotten to review your Google Lighthouse scores before you’ve pushed out a feature? You’re in good hands with Netlify and Lighthouse Score Visualizations.