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13 Apr 2021 Blog post

Exploring linked entries and assets in Contentful with JavaScript via REST and GraphQL

I set out to explore and investigate the inner workings of the Contentful REST API and GraphQL API in terms of linking assets and entries on a content type in order to understand how we can render links inside Contentful Rich Text fields.

An illustrated image of a number screens covered in different type of content assets, representing linked asset entries
13 Apr 2021 Blog post

Rendering linked assets and entries in the Contentful Rich Text field

Take a deep dive into rendering linked assets and entries in the Contentful Rich Text field using both the REST and GraphQL APIs.

Illustrated image showing how rich text is rendered with JS
10 Apr 2021 Blog post

How to build, test and release a node module in ES6

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had incredible fun building the random code generator live on Twitch. At the time of writing this post, I’ve also merged over 70 pull requests into the repository for the application on GitHub. This got me thinking — what if people could use the same silly random code on their own applications to create even more lols on the web?

A YouTube thumbnail showing a screenshot from a live stream with the words NODE MODULES?! and the whitep4nther logo
10 Apr 2021 YouTube

How to use Incremental Static Regeneration in Next.js [Twitch Stream Highlights]

4 Apr 2021 YouTube

I built a random code generator

27 Mar 2021 YouTube

7 free accessibility tools to help you build better websites

17 Mar 2021 Blog post

3 ways to use Puppeteer and Node.js to screenshot web pages and generate Open Graph images for socials

Harness the power of a tool called Puppeteer to take screenshots of browser pages and generate dynamic images to share on your social media accounts. Let’s take a look!

A screenshot of one of my tweets that shows the twitter large summary card open graph image
13 Mar 2021 Blog post

My Twitch live coding setup in OBS

I often receive questions about how I set up OBS to stream live coding on Twitch — so let’s take a look!

A screenshot of what I see in OBS when I am streaming live on Twitch
8 Mar 2021 Blog post

How to generate an RSS feed for your blog with JavaScript and Netlify functions

After I built my first project with Contentful, I had no idea people would actually want to follow my content using their favorite RSS reader (thanks, Stefan Judis!). So I set out to learn how to generate an RSS feed for my microblog that’s built with no front-end frameworks.

A screenshot of the RSS feed in an RSS reader
26 Feb 2021 Blog post

How to make your code blocks accessible on your website

If you’re a developer or technical writer who publishes content on the internet, you’ll want to make sure your code examples are presented beautifully for your audience to consume. But how do you ensure your code blocks adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards?

A screenshot of the Colour Contrast Checker Chrome extension showing a failing colour contrast check