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  1. 25 Aug 2021

    Building with Next.js | Cassidy Williams and Salma Alam-Naylor | Architecting with Next.js 2021

  2. 11 Aug 2021

    What is an API?

    Let's learn about application programming interfaces.

  3. 4 Aug 2021

    A Next.js complete beginner tutorial using the Spotify API

    I'm joined by Ebonie (metalandcoffee_) where we set up a new Next.js and Spotify API project to curate music recommendations.

  4. 3 Aug 2021

    Next.js + Spotify API beginner tutorial

    In this video I'm joined by Ebonie — web developer, Metal DJ and Twitch streamer — where we set up a new project in Next.js to curate music recommendations using the Spotify API.

    This video goes in-depth on the structure of a Next.js application, with some tips and tricks on how to make your project more accessible and improve the developer experience.

  5. 11 Jul 2021

    How to avoid using relative path imports in Next.js

    Say goodbye to ../really/long/and/silly/paths/to/components in your Next.js application and define absolute imports with a jsconfig.json file.

  6. 8 Jul 2021

    How I set up my new Next.js projects with a handy bash script

    After I create a new Next.js application I run this bash script to prepare my app for development — just the way I like it. Give it a try!

  7. 1 Jul 2021

    How to add Algolia InstantSearch to your Next.js application

    Every content website needs a search box.

  8. 23 Jun 2021

    How to prevent the collapse of society by building an accessible web @ JS Monthly London

  9. 22 Jun 2021

    How to prevent the collapse of society by building an accessible web

    It’s 2031. Society, as we knew it in 2021, has officially collapsed. How do you ensure your website is accessible amidst a raging apocalypse?

  10. 14 Jun 2021

    How to filter entries by linked references in GraphQL

    Check out this quick guide that shows you how to get the data you need using the linkedFrom field in your query.

  11. 7 Jun 2021

    Empowering developers as DevRel, boosting live coding and accessibility

  12. 27 May 2021

    How to use GitHub actions and Contentful webhooks to show your latest blog posts on your GitHub README

    Want to show your latest blog posts on your GitHub README? Here's how I do it using the power of GitHub actions and webhooks in Contentful.