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Why I love building with Next.js — a fireside chat with Cassidy Williams of Netlify

In this fireside chat, I joined Cassidy Williams of Netlify to talk about the performance benefits of Next.js, and how developers can make the most of the framework.

Next.js has a lot of options when it comes to data fetching methods, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Learn about how to think about data fetching methods in Next.js to build performant static sites that create dynamic user experiences. We also cover why we personally use Next.js for projects, the best way to style a Next.js app — and I decided to bring back the phrase “surf the web.”

Learn more about Next.js

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A Next.js complete beginner tutorial using the Spotify API

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How I set up my new Next.js projects with a handy bash script

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How to add Algolia InstantSearch to your Next.js application

A code example of a Next.js jsconfig.json file, showing how to define absolute paths in your files.
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How to avoid using relative path imports in Next.js

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Paginating your Contentful blog posts in Next.js with the GraphQL API

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