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1 Sep 2021

1 min read

Why I love building with Next.js — a fireside chat with Cassidy Williams of Netlify

I joined Cassidy Williams of Netlify for a fireside chat to talk about the performance benefits of Next.js, and how developers can make the most of the JavaScript framework.

⚠️ This post is over two years old and may contain some outdated technical information. Please proceed with caution!

In this fireside chat, I joined Cassidy Williams to talk about the performance benefits of Next.js, and how developers can make the most of the framework.

Next.js has a lot of options when it comes to data fetching methods, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Learn about how to think about data fetching methods in Next.js to build performant static sites that create dynamic user experiences. We also cover why we personally use Next.js for projects, the best way to style a Next.js app — and I decided to bring back the phrase “surf the web.”

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