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11 Aug 2022 Event

Moar Serverless

Join an amazing list of experts to gain insights into how to develop real-world applications that leverage serverless and microservice architectures.

11 Aug 2022 YouTube

Live AMA with Eduardo Bouças — all about Netlify Edge Functions

10 Aug 2022 Published a talk

We're all living on it. But what exactly is The Edge?

It’s 2022 and we’re all on the edge of our serverless seats. But what is The Edge? What are Edge Functions? And what impact does this new technology have on the Jamstack, the web, and ultimately — people and our planet?

We're all living on it. But what exactly is the edge? Salma Alam-Naylor whitep4nth3r.
5 Aug 2022 Twitter

FYI Fridays: manage multiple Netlify accounts

29 Jul 2022 Twitter

FYI Fridays: netlify open

24 Jul 2022 Blog post

How to view Google Lighthouse scores for your site in Netlify

How many times have you forgotten to review your Google Lighthouse scores before you’ve pushed out a feature? You’re in good hands with Netlify and Lighthouse Score Visualizations.

Published deploy details with the usual links to open published deploy and lock publishing to this deploy. Below is a lighthouse summary section, which shows the following scores. 100 performance, 100 accessibility, 100 best practices, 100 SEO, 80 progressive web app.
22 Jul 2022 Twitter

FYI Fridays: watch deploys from the terminal

15 Jul 2022 Twitter

FYI Fridays: netlify link

11 Jul 2022 Podcast

Remotely Interesting: Tool Decision Paralysis

There are so many tools that it can be exhausting to choose which one to try or use! Let's talk about how we navigate the complex ecosystem and some of our favourite tools for being productive.

8 Jul 2022 Twitter

FYI Fridays: share your local dev environment