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  1. 24 Jan 2024

    Entertainment as Code @ 2024

    Learn about streaming live coding on Twitch, and how writing silly code in front of a live audience is a powerful (and hilarious) way to build community.

  2. 22 Jan 2024

    Talking about music almost made me cry

    This is the moment when I realised I really need to get back into music more than ever.

  3. 16 Jan 2024

    The best way to learn web development and JavaScript in 2024

    Learn some cool things that JavaScript can do!

  4. 16 Jan 2024

    The full circle of Jamstack

    I take you through my journey into the world of Jamstack, my thoughts on the core values of Jamstack, and what the future might hold.

  5. 2 Jan 2024

    Entertainment as Code

    Learn about streaming live coding, and how writing silly code in front of a live audience is a powerful (and hilarious) way to build community.

  6. 20 Dec 2023

    Twitter ruined your link previews: here’s how Cloudinary can help

    Learn how to overlay text on your Open Graph images using the Cloudinary API and SDKs.

  7. 18 Dec 2023

    How to fix error: invalid character in entity name in RSS feeds

    My RSS feed was broken for OVER A WEEK because I used an invalid character in the XML.

  8. 14 Dec 2023

    Fallbacks for HTTP 404 images in HTML and JavaScript

    What if an image doesn’t exist anymore? What if someone accidentally deleted an image in your CMS? How do you detect and deal with this?

  9. 5 Dec 2023

    Everything I install and set up on a new MacBook as a web developer

    Here are the developer tools, browsers, utility apps and other useful things I install on a new dev machine to help productivity.

  10. 24 Nov 2023

    What is DevRel? Syntax Episode 697

    I sat down with the Wes and Scott to talk about what DevRel is, how to get into it, important skills like writing and public speaking, challenges like blog post quotas, and more.

  11. 16 Nov 2023

    I built a productivity tracker that was NOT a to do list

    I took part in Jason Lengstorf's new series: 4 devs, 1 app idea and it was SO MUCH FUN.

  12. 14 Nov 2023

    The API sent the WRONG HTTP status code?!

    Read the documentation, people.