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I receive a lot of questions on stream about my setup and what I use. So here's a list! ✨ Click on the filter buttons to view items in that category.

Last updated 9 March 2021

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Cloud hosting platforms


Most of my projects align with the Jamstack architecture, which usually means they are sites prerendered into static HTML at build time, and enhanced with JavaScript on the client. I currently use Netlify and Vercel for these projects.

For applications that require Node.js on the server — for example, my Twitch bot — I use Heroku.

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The Contentful Logo



Contentful is a headless CMS that delivers your data in JSON. It comes with a stylish user-interface, REST and GraphQL APIs, and SDKs for your programming language of choice. Whilst a lot of what Contentful offers is aimed at the enterprise market, it offers a free community tier with generous limits.

This website is built with Contentful.

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A close-up screenshot of the README file in the displayplacer GitHub repository



When working with multiple monitors on MacOS, sometimes the action of unplugging/plugging in a USB dock can reset your display configuration. Rather than having to go into the System Preferences to switch everything back to how you want it, displayplacer offers this functionality on the command line. If my display configuration is ever reset, I have a handy custom function in my .zshrc file that I can run in iTerm to put everything back where I need it.

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Feedly RSS Reader


Feedly is currently my RSS reader of choice. Did you know all the cool kids are using RSS readers these days? 😎

Pssst! This website has an RSS feed!

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The Figma Logo



Figma is a collaborative interface design tool you can use in the browser. I use this primarily to work with Jacob D'Rozario — my Twitch branding designer — to collaborate on ideas and assets.

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The f.lux logo



f.lux is an essential application for me — it's one of the first things I install on a new machine. I have pretty sensitive eyes and f.lux ensures that I am shielded from too much blue light throughout the day and late at night.

The only downside to f.lux is that if I'm streaming late at night, viewers aren't able to see what I'm doing on screen — and so I turn it off for a better audience experience. I'm still experimenting with my monitor settings to see if I can achieve the same results with hardware — but f.lux is just so easy to use and makes my life so much more comfortable in front of a screen.

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The GitHub logo

GitHub CLI


If you host your git repositories on GitHub, this is a great tool to manage your code without having to leave the command line. Create repositories, pull requests, issues and more in the terminal where you are already working with git and your code. It's a great productivity booster!

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The Miro Logo



I started using Miro in 2020 as a replacement for physical whiteboards when the world started working remotely. Whilst it's not a perfect replacement for the real thing, if you want cloud-collaborative software that's capable of visualising ideas and concepts in a digital space, or if you just want to stick a load of post-it notes somewhere, Miro is fantastic.

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I've used Spectacle for years — it's one of the first apps I install on a new machine. It's unobtrusive, easy to use, and easy to configure. The only known issue with Spectacle is if you're working with more than one external monitor, you might need to remap the next/previous display commands in the opposite direction.

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A screenshot of a trello board with a house and furniture theme



I use Trello to keep track of streaming and content ideas, and other life projects such as house renovations and meal planning.

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