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  1. What the framework text in a terminal

    What the Framework?

    6 stars 0 forks 0 issues

    Choose your next JavaScript framework based on the features you need.

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  2. The jamstack logo with women of Jamstack in white. The background is a pink to orange gradient, left to right.

    Women of Jamstack

    34 stars 54 forks 1 issues

    Showcasing women who are working with the Jamstack and adjacent technologies. Launching on International Women's Day 2022.

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  3. GAME OF CODES in lime green pixelated text with a blue shadow. It looks 8 bit.

    Game of Codes

    3 stars 2 forks 0 issues

    Learn your HTTP status codes with this fun quiz!

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  4. The Claw branded banner showing the colourful panthermoth on a red patterned background full of other moths that are tiled and tessellated in alternate orientations.

    The Claw Stream Team

    5 stars 8 forks 4 issues

    Join a group of diverse tech streamers from across the world streaming all aspects of science, tech, software and game development — with a focus on being friendly and welcoming to all.

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  5. Panthermoth, and women who stream tech in white capital letters on a purple patterned background.

    Women Who Stream Tech

    15 stars 5 forks 6 issues is a directory of Twitch science, tech, software and game development streamers.

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  6. The long logo on a black background with a red, ironically broken, U.

    17 stars 7 forks 0 issues

    UNBREAK.TECH is an evolving platform for MEN to educate other MEN about the need for change and equality in tech.

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  7. A white, vertical sliced, triangle plectrum pointed downwards in the center of a black background, with the word fretonator below in capital letters, white text.


    47 stars 8 forks 5 issues

    The ultimate interactive free guitar theory tool. Built with Angular and pre-rendered with Universal.

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