Explore the web development projects I've built live on Twitch.

  1. A screenshot of website showing the panthermoth logo on a red background, next to a grid of streamer avatars, featuring whitep4nth3r, the empress aria, metal and coffee and lady of code.

    The Claw Stream Team

    Join a group of diverse tech streamers from across the world streaming all aspects of science, tech, software and game development — with a focus on being friendly and welcoming to all.

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  2. A screenshot of the home page of featuring four live streamers. is a directory of Twitch science, tech, software and game development streamers.

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  3. The long logo on a black background with a red U.

    UNBREAK.TECH is an evolving platform for MEN to educate other MEN about the need for change and equality in tech.

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  4. A screenshot of the website showing the header, selection buttons and a random code result

    The Random Code Generator

    Need some code for your project? We've got you covered. Choose how much code. Choose your language. BÄM! You got code.

    Get some lols
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  5. A screenshot of the random code node module on npm

    Random code npm package

    The functionality for the all packaged up in a node module. Random code 4U!

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  6. A screenshot of the Next.js and Contentful demo website showing a hero banner with the words 'fork me on GitHub'

    Next.js + Contentful Starter Blog

    A Next.js and Contentful blog site starter to get you up and running quickly with your new blog site with one CLI command.

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  7. A screenshot of my Puppeteer demo website that allows you to take a screenshot of web pages via a url, showing the whitep4nth3r logo and a form to take a screenshot

    Puppeteer Demo

    Take screenshots of code with Puppeteer. Try it out on this demo application and view the code on GitHub.

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  8. A screenshot of my website showing the latest post as a youtube video where I learn how to create an npm package

    thingoftheday is a lightweight microblogging site powered by Contentful and vanilla HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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  9. A screenshot of showing the website header, mode selectors and guitar fretboard


    The ultimate interactive free guitar theory tool. Built with Angular and pre-rendered with Universal.

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