FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

A list of questions I am frequently asked whilst I am live streaming on Twitch — and the answers.

Why whitep4nth3r?

It started off as a throwaway code name. I'm stuck with it now.

How long have you been coding?

I have been coding professionally since 2014, when I landed my first job as a front end developer. From 2015-2020 I worked as a tech lead/lead engineer, still specialising in front end development. To read a more in-depth article about my journey into tech (which involved writing BASIC at the age of six!) check out this blog post: My non-traditional journey into tech and DevRel

How long have you been streaming on Twitch?

My first Twitch stream was on Thursday 25th June 2020. To read more about what I learned during my first few weeks on Twitch, check out this blog post: 6 things I learned about streaming live coding in my first 6 weeks on Twitch

What inspired you to start streaming on Twitch?

As a tech lead I was writing less and less code, and I saw very few programmers/developers streaming on Twitch who

  • were women

  • were based in the UK, or

  • specialised in front end development.

I started streaming to build stuff and learn things for myself, and to fill a gap I saw on Twitch. And it turned out to be a lot of fun!

Do you have a degree in Computer Science?

No. I have a First Class Honours degree in Music Composition, and hold a teaching qualification in music with a Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching.

How do you set up OBS?

What's that rainbow effect in your terminal?

It's lolcat.

What IDE are you using?

I usually use VS Code. I use WebStorm if I'm building Angular projects. If I need to edit files quickly in a terminal, I use Vim.

Here's a selection of the core VS Code plugins I currently find useful and/or fun.


Because it looks fun, right? Install Powermode from the VS Code Marketplace.

HTML Biscuits

Built by prolific Science and Tech streamer, cmgriffing, this extension makes large HTML files more digestible by adding natively-styled annotations to HTML files in VSCode. Install HTML Biscuits from the VS Code Marketplace.


I've found this non-intrusive indent-indicator very helpful! Install indent-rainbow from the VS Code Marketplace.

Twitch Themer

I let Twitch chat change my VS Code theme using this fun extension built by Michael Jolley aka BaldBeardedBuilder. Install the Twitch Themer VS Code extension.