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Unicorn Instagram: Catch up on the launch of Women of Jamstack

Women of Jamstack launched on March 8th, International Women's Day 2022, to celebrate the women who are working with the Jamstack, and to inspire the next generation of developers in an industry that still suffers from devastating gender inequality.

I was honoured to be joined by seven inspirational women of Jamstack — live on Twitter Spaces — to talk about all things Jamstack, memes, unicorn Instagram, and how you can get started on the Jamstack.

Catch up on the conversation with Cassidy Williams, Gift Egwuenu, Brittney Postma, Brittany Walker, Stephanie Eckles, Sia Karamalagos, and Tara Z. Manicsic on Youtube.

And, if you're a woman working with the Jamstack and adjacent technologies, please add your profile to the site!

Click below to play Women of Jamstack Launch | Twitter Spaces | International Women's Day 2022

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